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Due to all the confusion, the famous instant messaging app made the decision to postpone the date of the implementation of its new policy.

On the morning of 25th October, WhatsApp made an announcement on their website and in a blog post about their new privacy policy. The new policy was announced to be implemented in 3 weeks and people who didn’t want to give away their information were advised not to update their app. This caused a lot of confusion for WhatsApp users, but after it became apparent that the date wasn’t anywhere near being completed, they decided to delay the implementation period until December 15th.

What were the updates in WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy?

On July 12, 2018, WhatsApp released a new Privacy Policy. This policy was scheduled to take effect on August 1st of the same year. However, due to all the confusion caused by this new policy, WhatsApp decided to postpone its implementation until September 18th of 2018. A reader asked us whether WhatsApp’s new Privacy Policy really affects end-users. What is the impact on WhatsApp users from this new policy? What are the updates to WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy?. The new policy is pretty much an expansion of WhatsApp’s previous privacy policies, which means that it outlines the social media company’s basic features and makes clear how WhatsApp users’ data is used and shared with third parties.

What is the different between a privacy policy and a data law?

 A privacy policy is a document that defines the policies and procedures of a business with respect to personal data. It’s easy for businesses to create and implement in order to protect their customers, employees and partners.  

When did WhatsApp make a decision to postpone its implementation of a new privacy policy?

On April 18, WhatsApp announced that it would be postponing the implementation of its new privacy policy pending further review. The announcement has been widely criticized, including by the USA’s Federal Trade Commission, which says it will “closely monitor” WhatsApp following the postponement.

What are the consequences of postponing an initiative to improve user privacy?

 A day after the popular messaging app announced its new policy of delayed implementation, it called off the plan. Since this was an immediate effect of the change in privacy policy, all users’ data would have been affected in some way.  

In light of all the concern, the famous instant messaging app postponed the launch date for its new policy. The company believes that all the public has been sharing their opinions and voicing them through social media.

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