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Social media seems to be the most common form of communication these days – that’s why it can be so surprising when a major social media platform changes its entire focus. In this article, you’ll find out what Facebook has been up to, and how it’s planning on impacting the future of social media. Facebook recently set out plans to change the way it works. The company is making big changes to its business model, in order to create a more profitable social media company. Here are three things you need to know about the change, and what it means for Facebook going forward.

Facebook’s new strategy is to move away from selling ads, it has long been famous for its massive advertising presence. The company makes tons of money by selling ads through its website, through mobile apps, and even on television. This model has been wildly successful for the company. It’s even helped Facebook take market share away from rival Google. But Facebook’s new strategy is more profitable for the company. So far, Facebook has made some huge changes to its ad model. The company has moved many of its revenue streams away from selling ads and towards marketers paying Facebook directly for access to their fans (known as the Facebook Exchange). It has also stopped selling its user’s data to advertisers — a practice many consider unacceptable under today’s privacy regulations. The ad model change alone has been enough to boost Facebook’s revenue by more than $1 billion each quarter. The new privacy rules aren’t expected to hurt the business.The company’s new ad strategy hasn’t been met with universal approval. Many major brands , including Ford, Google, and Microsoft (MSFT ) , have publicly announced they’re pulling their ads from Facebook and other social media networks.

What does this mean for Facebook?

If Facebook agrees to this acquisition, it would be the largest ever. Since Facebook has always been open, the change could be jarring to many users. It’s hard to say what will happen without knowing the full details of the deal, but it’s safe to say that Facebook will definitely need to change.

Is the change brand recognition of the company necessary?

In the last year, Facebook has been criticized for its misuse of data as well as a lack of transparency as to what is happening with your personal information. This has all led to users being concerned about the brand recognition and security of their personal information.

What are the implications of the name change in the long term?

“This is just the beginning. We’re always listening to people and learning from our community about what will make Facebook the best place for them.” – Mark Zuckerberg , CEO, Facebook

How will platforms like Facebook be different in the future with AI, VR and AR?

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are allowing people to experience something they couldn’t in the past. AR will make it possible to see a real-time person’s surroundings through their phone’s camera, while VR permits you to wander through a completely new environment. In the future, machines will be able to have conversations with humans without our input which will no doubt change some things.

After looking at all of the points, it is clear that Facebook needs to focus more on user safety. This will be their best option for retaining users and finding new ones. Even after the changes, it is evident that Facebook is still struggling to keep people safe. There are various security issues with the current version of Facebook and it is only a matter of time before these issues are discovered by hackers. This will be very bad news for Facebook since this would mean that their reputation will be ruined permanently.

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