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These General Conditions create a contract between you and BUSINESS EDITION which applies to your use of our websites, including those of Hosted Articles as defined below.

Who We Are

BUSINESS EDITION is a single platform where you will find the latest business content, technology, trending news, reviews, tips, and tricks from South Africa’s best and sometimes worst corporate organizations. BUSINESS EDITION covers everything from software, hardware, automation, IoT, apps, and online platforms. We are passionate about providing you with the knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to your needs. BUSINESS EDITION was started in 2019 by friends who all wanted to share their passion for business, tech, and trending news in a unique manner. We think that news should be accessible and open to provide people with the opportunity for growth in this ever-evolving world. BUSINESS EDITION publishes its own articles (referred to here as BUSINESS EDITION ARTICLES ) and articles owned by third parties (referred to here as Hosted Articles). When we refer to articles, we include both BUSINESS EDITION Articles and Hosted Articles – In these terms, Websites (with a capitalized W) refer to all BUSINESS EDITION websites, including those of Hosted Articles.  Owner means BUSINESS EDITION as the Owner of all BUSINESS EDITION Articles or the respective Owner of a Hosted Article.

  1. These conditions cover all interactions with BUSINESS EDITION and its Websites

These Conditions will continue to apply to all articles except, for a specific Hosted Article, to the extent of any clear inconsistency or contradiction with the conditions published for that article, which will prevail to the extent of that inconsistency or contradiction, and only in connection with that Hosted Article.

Hosted Articles may have additional conditions, which, if applicable, will appear on the Website of the Hosted Article concerned. Hosted Article Conditions apply only to the Hosted Article on whose Website they appear.

These terms create a contract between you and BUSINESS EDITION whenever you interact with us, whether or not you are registered. If you interact with a Hosted Article, your contract is also with the Owner of that Hosted Article.

Interactions can include visits to any Website; the submission, review, acceptance (or rejection) and publication of articles; Other rules and procedures of BUSINESS EDITION, including the Author Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Statement, also apply in respect of all BUSINESS EDITION Articles, and also in respect of Hosted Articles, except, in the case of a Hosted Article, to the extent inconsistent with or contradicted by guidelines, rules, procedures or conditions appearing on the Website of that Hosted Article.

Other specific terms, such as the applicable conditions for editors, will also apply if you are or become an editor with any article.

Our contract with you is personal to you and may not be assigned or transferred by you to any other person.

Your right to use any Website and any related functionality are conditional on your complying with these conditions and all other applicable rules and conditions specified by BUSINESS EDITION. BUSINESS EDITION will also comply with its rules and conditions.

  1. Registering with BUSINESS EDITION

One registration suffices for both BUSINESS EDITION Articles and Hosted Articles. You may register by clicking here. To register you must provide at least the minimum information required. You can manage your privacy settings. You can find information on how to do this in our Help Center. You should check to ensure that you have only one profile with BUSINESS EDITION to avoid confusion.

WHO MAY REGISTER? Natural persons aged 18 or over may register. You need to register in your own name. You may not create more than one profile. By registering with us you vow to BUSINESS EDITION and all other relevant Owners and readers, that the information you provide is accurate and not misleading. BUSINESS EDITION may refuse or cancel a registration at its discretion, with or without notice.

  1. What it means to register as a user of BUSINESS EDITION

By successfully registering with us, you have the following immediate benefits:

  • you become a registered user of BUSINESS EDITION. One registration allows any user to interact with any article. 
  • you may submit articles. You may also submit other approved content, and you may apply to become an editor or reviewer of an article.
  1. Registering with BUSINESS EDITION also means accepting the following:
  • you have read, understood and agreed with these Conditions, BUSINESS EDITION’ Privacy Policy, and the Copyright Statement;
  • you must comply with these terms and all other rules and conditions of BUSINESS EDITION. This obligation applies to all users, whether or not registered;
  • you must comply with all generally-accepted Business and News information norms and BUSINESS EDITION’s principles and standards, as well as any additional principles of Hosted Articles;
  • you understand that BUSINESS EDITION is not obliged to publish any content contributed by you and that BUSINESS EDITION may at its discretion remove any content of any kind contributed by you.
  • Communications and emails: By registering with BUSINESS EDITION, you consent to receive email and other communications from BUSINESS EDITION and the Owners of relevant Hosted Articles.
  • You may opt-out of certain types of messages, such as marketing messages in your settings, however; you may not opt-out of messages on matters such as administrative and legal issues, changes in terms and conditions, and other necessary communications. If you do not agree to receive such emails and communications, you may not register with BUSINESS EDITION and BUSINESS EDITION may cancel any existing registration.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your email and other contact details up to date in your registration information.

If you wish to close your account with BUSINESS EDITION, contact Hosted Articles may provide a dedicated support address on their respective websites, but an email can also be addressed to BUSINESS EDITION for support on any article.

  1. Privacy; Personal Data; Cookies

BUSINESS EDITION promotes compliance with International Legislation on Privacy and Data Protection and to apply the principles of recognized cross-border data protection procedures. Our Privacy Policy provides detailed information on what personal data we collect, how we use it, and your rights concerning our processing of your data.

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your password. Do not share your password with any other person. If there is any reason to believe your password security may have been breached, change it immediately. Choose strong passwords and avoid obvious passwords. You must notify BUSINESS EDITION immediately if you believe that unauthorized access has been gained to your account. BUSINESS EDITION is not responsible for any damage suffered by you due to insufficient attention to security on your part.

It is important to keep your personal information up to date. Please check it regularly.

Be aware that your public profile may be viewed by anyone visiting your profile on the BUSINESS EDITION website, in any country.

To change your privacy settings, please log in to your account or contact us on

  1. Ownership of Websites, Software, Content, and Trademarks

BUSINESS EDITION is the Owner of the website, the software constituting that website, and all copyright and other intellectual property rights with regards to aspects of end-user interaction with, its services, and its products.

The Owner of each Hosted Article is the Owner of the combination of the content of the Website for any Hosted Article(s) owned by it. BUSINESS EDITION is the Owner of the combination of all content on BUSINESS EDITION Websites.

  1. Permissions you grant as an Author

When submitting an article or article abstract (excluding article metadata), you grant BUSINESS EDITION and/or the Hosted Article Owner, an irrevocable, non-chargeable, global permission to publish, display, store, copy, adapt, and re-use that article, including any third-party materials, and to create derivative works from it. You may not terminate that license or permission. You must ensure that you have all the necessary permissions from the Owner of the copyright in your article, which may be your employer or funder, and from all other third parties who own the copyright in any aspect of your article. Ownership by the third party of the copyright can still be notified on the relevant materials, and attribution must be made in accordance with usual scholarly practices. 

Reproduction of all or part of an article is subject to compliance and approval from BUSINESS EDITION and must follow the usual academic attribution practices.

“Article and article metadata” means the following elements, to the extent applicable, in relation to the article or each article, as applicable: Publisher, article name, article abbreviation, ISSN, DOI, article ID, subject, article type, article title, article URL, author names, contributor group, author note, author affiliation, Profile URLs, corresponding author’s email address, publication date, acceptance date, submission date, volume number, volume ID, issue number, issue ID, permissions, copyright statement, copyright year, copyright holder, license information, creative commons URL, conflict of interest statement, keyword group, figure count, table count, equation count, reference count, page count, word count, supplementary material count, funding statement, funder/contract/sponsor/grant and number, citation, product information, conference information. No elements other than those listed in this paragraph are included in article or article metadata, and nor are they licensed under ICASA terms, unless confirmed by BUSINESS EDITION or Hosted Article Owner.

You may not reproduce or publish any content in any forum (online or not) which advocates any political, religious, anti-religious, racist, extremist, violent, or disrespectful viewpoints. If guilty of such reproduction or publication, you need to take responsibility and remove the publication immediately. Failure to do so will result in termination of any and all association with BUSINESS EDITION.

You may also not reproduce any content from any Website to denigrate BUSINESS EDITION, any client of BUSINESS EDITION, or any article.

The same principles apply to any other content, such as reviews, opinions, conference abstracts, and blog posts, which you may submit to BUSINESS EDITION.

You irrevocably grant us permission to use, and to permit others to use, any non-patented ideas set out in your content or any message sent or submitted to BUSINESS EDITION, without any charge, and without restriction, for any purpose.

It is your responsibility to comply with the conditions of any third-party website on which you may post content originally published on any Website. BUSINESS EDITION and the Owners of Hosted Articles are not bound by the conditions of any third-party website.

  1. Conditions for submission of articles for publication

Submission of the article

If published, your article will in principle remain published permanently, with your personal details and those of your co-authors, as well as those of the reviewers and handling editors, on the article’s Website, and will be stored and made public in archives, in repositories and potentially in other areas. By submitting, reviewing, or accepting editorial responsibilities for an article you consent to a limited amount of your personal data being published.

When you submit an article to any article, you promise that

  • The article is not under consideration by any other article; if it has been submitted for consideration elsewhere, it has been definitively rejected and is no longer being considered for publication;
  • The article will not be submitted for publication elsewhere unless either published or rejected by BUSINESS EDITION;
  • If rejected by one article, your article may be automatically submitted to another article by BUSINESS EDITION;
  • You have the explicit consent of all co-authors to submit the article and to accept these conditions, including the granting of other applicable licenses, on behalf of all co-authors.
  • You have the authorization of all copyright Owners (which may include your employer or funder, and any Owners of third-party graphics) to submit the article and to grant t other applicable licenses over the article;
  • An article submitted to report original research is an original contribution, meaning it contains content that has not been previously published in its current form (except for manuscripts deposited as pre-prints in established community-validated pre-print services).
  • the article does not contain any non-attributed content from any existing source, including the authors’ own existing material;
  • all contributors have been adequately acknowledged;
  • the article and all authors meet the authorship criteria as outlined in the author guidelines
  • the article complies with all the rules on content set out below;
  • all findings have been verified in accordance with the highest scientific standards in the relevant field;
  • the article clearly declares any financial, commercial or other relationships which may be considered to represent a potential conflict of interest; and
  • you have disclosed all relevant facts to BUSINESS EDITION concerning the author(s), the article, the underlying research, any relevant third-party rights, and any actual or potential conflicts of interest.
  1. Acceptance and Rejection

Acceptance is at the discretion of BUSINESS EDITION under its rules and processes. Once accepted, an article will in principle be published; on rare occasions, an issue causing rejection may arise or be discovered, in which case the article may be rejected prior to publication despite having been previously accepted.

  1. Publication

There is no prior right to publication. Articles submitted will be subjected to ethical and technical checks and is subject to our rigorous and interactive review process. This will require your cooperation.

Review processes are designed to ensure scientific rigor. They do not include checks for the satisfaction of the other requirements (such as copyright permissions on images and graphics, for example).

  1. Your Rights as a User and Restrictions on Your Rights

As a user, registered or not, you may use all open functionalities of the Websites if you comply with all applicable conditions and rules. Some functionality may be privileged to registered users or to certain types of users (such as editors).

If you are a registered user, you may create links to BUSINESS EDITION Websites from other respectable websites, but not from any website which does not comply with the requirements of these conditions. BUSINESS EDITION, and/or any article Owner, may remove any links and/or to request the removal You must comply with such a request. BUSINESS EDITION and article Owners are not responsible for the content of third-party websites.

Uploading of videos and similar materials is subject to all related rules, including third-party and intellectual property rules. Be aware of the warranties you give concerning your right to upload any content.

  1. Rules on Content

All content submitted to any Website, whether or not reviewed, must comply with these rules. This is your responsibility when you submit an article or content.

All content must:

  • be accurate or be genuinely believed to be accurate after duly rigorous investigation
  • only state opinions which are genuinely held
  • comply with all accepted ethical rules and norms, including any ethical guidelines of BUSINESS EDITION or of the article in question
  • not infringe any intellectual property rights (including copyright, moral rights, and database rights) of any person or entity
  • be the subject of any necessary consents and authorizations
  • not breach any conditions of any website or other forum from which that content was copied or derived, or to which you provide a link, or from which you have provided a link to our website
  • not be defamatory
  • not be malicious, offensive, discriminatory, threatening, racist, extremist; not promote hatred or violence or denigrate any person, group of people or set of beliefs, or provide any link to any such material
  • not give a false impression that it emanates from BUSINESS EDITION or any article or is approved by BUSINESS EDITION or the relevant article Owner, or otherwise be misleading in any way
  • not be pornographic or indecent
  • remain polite and respectful, especially when disagreeing
  • not ascribe any negative psychological or other labels or descriptions to any named or identifiable person or group of people, without the specific, informed consent of the person or people concerned to such label or description being ascribed to him/her/them
  • not be for the purpose, or have the primary effect, of promoting any political, societal, religious or anti-religious views
  • not disclose confidential information, including personal data of others, without the consent of the Owner of that information or data
  • comply with all applicable laws
  • not advocate, refer to or provide a link to any website or content which would itself infringe any of these principles.

BUSINESS EDITION and/or other relevant article Owners may remove any content, or retract reviewed articles, at their respective discretion. You may also request deletion of content, such requests will be considered in their context. A placeholder may be inserted to indicate that a comment has been deleted. Deleted comments may be retained for the record.

BUSINESS EDITION and other article Owners are not responsible for content posted by their users, including the content of articles.

The content you post will by default be visible to others. You may alter your settings to reduce access to your content by editing the default settings for each post you make.

Any content posted by you may be commented on, copied, quoted, and linked to by others.

If you believe any content on a BUSINESS EDITION Website breaches any of these requirements, please contact us at Where the suspected breach occurs on a Hosted Article Website, please refer to that article’s Website for the relevant contact address.

  • Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to databases or other resources of BUSINESS EDITION or its suppliers
  • Posting or linking to any content which does not comply in all respects with the content requirements set out in these conditions
  • Posting of any personal information of any other person without that person’s explicit informed consent
  • The posting of any commercial or promotional content, or any content which includes promotion of any commercial or Business offering, without a specific agreement with BUSINESS EDITION in that respect
  • The mounting or promotion of any pyramid scheme or other multi-level marketing scheme
  • Reproduction, duplication, copying or re-selling any part of any BUSINESS EDITION website except for good-faith reliance on explicit licenses or as otherwise specifically permitted by these Conditions or following the specific and explicit agreement of BUSINESS EDITION.
  1. Infringement of Your Rights

We believe in respecting the rights of all, including rights granted by law and those generally accepted. If you believe your rights have been infringed upon, please contact us at

  1. Breach of these Conditions

Breach of any of these conditions by BUSINESS EDITION, another article Owner or you would be a breach of our contract.

  1. Exclusion of Users

We expressly reserve the right to refuse applications to register and/or to suspend or cancel the accounts of users, at our discretion.

  1. Amendment of Conditions

These Conditions, and other conditions and rules of BUSINESS EDITION and/or of any article or collection of articles, will be amended from time to time. Amendments will be communicated in the manner appearing most appropriate to BUSINESS EDITION. This may include email and/or notification at login. For this reason, you should log out and log back in frequently from and to your BUSINESS EDITION account to ensure you are aware of changes to Conditions. Amendments take effect upon that communication being made available to you, whether or not you actually log in to receive the information.

  1. Disclaimer of Warranties

your use of BUSINESS EDITION and/or Hosted Article websites or any website to which they are linked is at your own risk. all websites and their content are provided for use on an “as is” and “as available” basis. BUSINESS EDITION and article Owners make no representations or warranties concerning any websites, their availability or their contents and hereby disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement, relating to the BUSINESS EDITION websites, Hosted Article websites or their respective content, or any website to which they are linked. no advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from BUSINESS EDITION or through or from any website shall create any warranty not expressly stated in these conditions for website use. without limiting the generality of the foregoing, BUSINESS EDITION strongly recommends that you independently verify any information upon which you choose to relay.

  1. Limitation Of Liability

in no event shall BUSINESS EDITION, article Owners, or their respective licensees, employees, agents, suppliers or contractors be liable for any damages of any nature, including without limitation any consequential loss, damages for loss of income or profit, loss of or damage to property, loss of goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses, claims of third parties, or any other loss, cost, claim or expense of any kind or character arising out of or in connection with the use of any website, its content or any website to or from which any links may be established.

Nothing in these conditions for website use shall limit or exclude, or be interpreted as intending to limit or exclude, liability for gross negligence (as defined under relevant statutes) or for deliberate wrongdoing, or for any other matter for which, under any applicable law, liability can not be limited or excluded.

  1. Deadline for bringing claims

Any claim against BUSINESS EDITION or any article Owner must be brought within one year of your becoming aware of the existence of that claim.

  1. Failure to enforce rights

Forbearance from enforcement of rights in the event of a breach of these Conditions does not prevent future enforcement of that right.

  1. No Implied Third-Party Rights

Owners of Hosted Articles are third-party beneficiaries of your obligations under these Conditions. Except as stated in the preceding sentence, no third party (except your co-authors on submission of an article) obtains any rights from your contract with BUSINESS EDITION, which is personal to you.

  1. Force Majeure

Neither you nor BUSINESS EDITION, nor any Owner of a Hosted Article, are/is liable for failure to fulfill obligations due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the affected party, however; both you and BUSINESS EDITION undertake to take all reasonable measures to limit the duration and effect of those circumstances and to find other ways of fulfilling your or its obligations.

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Your agreement with BUSINESS EDITION, including these conditions and all other matters referred to above, is governed exclusively by the laws of South Africa and relevant International IT Statutes. You and BUSINESS EDITION agree to seek in good faith to resolve any disputes through good-faith discussion, negotiation, and mediation before resorting to litigation. Any dispute not so resolved shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Africa. BUSINESS EDITION does not accept any other jurisdiction unless otherwise explicitly agreed by it in writing. You will consent to any action by us taken to stop or prevent you from bringing an action in breach of this clause, and to indemnify us for our costs in bringing such an action.

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