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Twitter starts rolling out ‘Fleets’

With Instagram an emerging social media platform and Snapchat a preferred messaging tool, Twitter has recently been struggling to stay relevant. Its most recent venture is an attempt to bring back the old users from the days of 2009-2012. This new feature allows people to tweet in a group of up to 15 people at once, without having to worry about using up their 140-character limit. In a study done by Forbes, it was found that Twitter may have been considered to be at least twice as popular in 2006 than Facebook. However, it is not enough just to have a growing user base. The site must have something that people find exciting, other than the obvious fact that you can search the entire Twitter network.

What is the Tweetfleet?

Twitter is rolling out a new tool called the Tweetfleet to help users find and schedule tweets. It will allow users to connect one-on-one with other members of their team on a daily basis, create a timeline for tweeting during off-hours, and automatically draft tweets. The launch of the new feature seems to be part of Twitter’s efforts to manage its own product. The company has also made some other recent product-focused moves such as changing its character limits to 280 characters and experimenting with live streaming.

Fleets are designed to encourage conversation on Twitter

Fleets are a new feature that lets you have conversations in a group. They can be all businesses or specific audiences. The goal of the feature is to encourage conversation and engagement on Twitter.

If you are part of a fleet, will your followers see the tweets of all members in the morning?

A new feature that Twitter is rolling out, called ‘Fleets,’ will let you send tweets to all your followers in the morning. You can also see what other members of your fleet are doing, even if they aren’t on Twitter.

Twitter is planning on releasing a new feature that will speed up the nightly process for posting tweets. With \”Fleets\” users will be able to batch tweets without having to go through the previous steps each time. Twitter is also working on a feature that will allow users to upload video clips to their accounts.

Twitter has recently announced it is opening up an office in India. The new office will be the largest Twitter office outside of the U.S. If you are not familiar with how Twitter works, you can follow along with @JZubrowski and his series of tweets that he is going through on a daily basis while he is traveling in India. Twitter has also announced that they are now working with the U.S. Department of Justice to help crackdown on human traffickers, child pornographers, and other criminals on the social network. Twitter will now be able to help bust these crime rings by providing information about specific users that they uncover.

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