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A touch-sensitive glove made from stretchable fiber-optic sensors could be used in robotics, sport, medicine and much more. 

The sensors can sense haptic interactions, the same way that our own skin sensors interact with our environment around us.

The gloves were created using optical fibers made from thin elastomeric polyurethane cables that transmit light from an LED. When the cables are bent and stretched The light is interrupted and starts operating. 

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Some parts of the fibers are dyed in different colors so when they are pulled or twisted out of shape, the light of the fibers changes their color. By analyzing the light patterns, researchers can locate the type of distortion in the gloves.

The fiber optic sensors are stretchable so it will be usable in smart clothing, soft robots, and wearables. So by making it stretchable it will reduce the functions of the robot. If the fiber is too stiff it will limit what the robot can do.

In my opinion, I think this touch-sensitive glove that is made out of stretchable fiber-optic sensors will be very useful for measuring respiration and muscle contractions. It will be suitable for sport and medical applications. By using this in sports it will give accurate measurements for teachers to improve their player’s performances for example in baseball it will provide information about a player and their interaction with the ball.

 With all the functionalities like bend, stretch, and press, a person can be sure that these gloves can do it. 

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