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The all-new Audi e-tron

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The electric car craze is here and every big motor company from BMW to Mercedes Benz is jumping at the opportunity to release the next best electric car. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Audi has also joined in on the hype. Say hello to the all-new Audi e-tron. Even though it took Audi 5 years to create this magnificent car they did not disappoint in all aspects when it comes to this beauty. The Audi e-tron represents an all-new era for electric vehicles. With a premium interior, finished off with high-quality leather, climate control and even ventilated massage chairs it will make you think that you are on a business class flight to New York. 

Audi also thought about tech in the future. Meaning they used an array of sensors in and around the car that will help you maintain speed, following distance and your lane position. The car also comes out with a few interesting cameras that will guide you on your journey. It will also show you the vehicle’s position in relation to your surroundings with an overhead virtual 360° view. The Audi e-tron has loads of functions, from navigation to entertainment, and this all can be controlled from the 10.1″ touch screen.

Audi made sure that they created and built a car for long-distance trips and they also made sure that you won’t be stranded and run out of battery life in the middle of nowhere. The e-tron can be powered by a standard mobile charging system by either a 230-volt household outlet or a 400-volt three-phase outlet.

The Audi e-tron is everything and more when it comes to motoring. From the interior to the exterior this magnificent machine won’t disappoint. Audi also made sure to think about the environment when building the e-tron and that is also what makes this car so powerful yet beautiful. 

The Audi e-Tron is only available for pre-order in South Africa currently. 

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