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When it comes to the safety of any vehicle we always want the best. But what about the safety of the technology inside of your vehicle, how safe is that and can we trust it? In the fast lane, where we found ourselves today, we always look for the best technology inside of a car before we buy it. Does the car have a touch screen, can we communicate with it, are the seats heated, and then other small things such as Bluetooth and park distance control.

Vehicle Safety Technology (VST) in the car industry points to the special technology design to ensure the safety and security of cars and their passengers. Examples of VST include car-to-computer communication devices which use GPS tracking, theft deterrence, damage mitigation and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Communication between vehicles would involve the sharing of speed data and positioning of other vehicles with all cars on the road, creating a 360-degree awareness for each driver. When it comes to Vehicle-to-vehicle communication the hope is to prevent more crashes and ease traffic congestion on our roads. 

Another technology in design is vehicle cybersecurity. With the advanced technology that is installed in our cars today, cyber theft is a bigger threat than it has ever been before.

If the driver connects his phone with the Bluetooth this information can also be stolen when the phone is actively connected to the vehicle. Many electric vehicle systems that control the car can also be hacked. If this happens it will put the safety and privacy of the driver and passengers in great danger.

There are many devices out there that are busy being designed to help protect the driver’s private information along with the safety of their vehicle technology. They are also busy designing technology to pick up the drivers’ drowsiness which could involve cameras monitoring drivers’ eye movement. The driver’s seat can also vibrate to startle them in the hopes that they become more alert. This technology is being used but not yet perfected.

So, with all this said is it worth it to spend that extra money for any more extras on your car? Well, it depends on what you are buying and what the dealership is willing to give to you. Do your homework before investing in a new car. It might be fancier but let the technology in it speak for itself. 

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