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Apple Passes Samsung to Grab the No. 1 Spot in Global Smartphone Market

A blog article about how Apple has surged to take the top spot in global smartphone sales, leaving Samsung reeling with its position in second place.

Why Apple is the new No. 1 in the Smartphone market

Apple has come a long way since the late 1990s when it first released a product called the iPod. Back then, Apple was an underdog to other tech giants such as Microsoft and Samsung. Now, Apple is the most valuable company in the world—even surpassing Google’s market capitalization. In terms of sales, Apple now has an 11% share of global smartphone sales compared to 8.4% for South Korea’s Samsung.

What a difference a year makes in terms of smartphone shipments

Smartphone shipments grew drastically in the second quarter of this year, with Apple taking the top spot. This is just one of many surprising changes that happened to the smartphone market during 2018. Apple now has 37 percent of the global market share, compared to Samsung’s 26 percent. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 lineup accounted for 38 percent of the total volume shipped.

“Apple took market share from Samsung, which had 37% of the total volume shipped in Q2, making Apple’s shipments almost double that of Samsung. Not bad!

The future of Android and the iPhone in the smartphone market

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones are not coming cheap. Samsung is touting the release of these devices as the “biggest launch in smartphone history” (Samsung). This means that Samsung is betting big on its next-generation flagship phones to win back the top spot. While Apple’s iPhone 8 has yet to be released, it looks like it will pass Samsung in sales this year (Apple). A lot can change in nine months, but Apple is still expected to dominate the smartphone market. As of 2019, iPhones outsold Android handsets 91.5 million to 75.7 million (Apple).

The No. 1 spot in the global smartphone market belongs to Apple. According to the latest data released by research firm Gartner, Apple has claimed the No. 1 throne in the global smartphone market for the 11th consecutive quarter. After year-on-year, Apple’s smartphone shipments increased 17 percent to 71.8 million units. Samsung was the leader of the smartphone market for five straight years, but Apple is now in the first place. The company is ahead of Samsung on many different fronts, including sales and profitability. For the past two years, Apple has been selling more smartphones than Samsung.

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