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IoT and how it’s changing the world

IoT (Internet of Things) is the next generation of devices that are connected to each other. These networks of devices can interact and share data with each other. Devices may be connected via WiFi or through a SIM card, as long as it can connect to the internet, and they share data about their environments and how they are being used. This exchange is facilitated through a computer chip in these devices.

It is predicted that more than 41 billion devices powered by IoT will be used by 2025.

IoT not only enables the connection between different devices but also their remote access. For example, you lock doors of your car remotely, preheat your ovens and geysers. The FitBit that you use for tracking the number of calories you burn also runs on IoT technology. IoT chips embedded in machines help businesses to assess the performance of those machines and assist in their maintenance.

Smart homes are probably the most common of all IoT use cases. A smart home works with the active use of IoT applications. Smart home devices collect and share information with one another in an integrated platform and automate their actions based on the owner’s preference. Hence, it is clear that they engage in a learning process to understand the preferences of their owner. There are many IoT use cases related to Smart home appliances, but one of them can be Smart Thermostats, which monitor and control home temperatures to the comfort of the owner. Plus, there is smart lighting as well where the lighting adjusts themselves based on the user preference as well as external lighting.

If you are frequently shopping online, you might be aware of the tracking system they use to track the delivery of your goods. Supply chains have been using IoT applications for quite some time. It has helped suppliers to track goods in transit as well as get immediate customer feedback with the help of a rating system. IoT systems can also help the supplier or drivers to preserve the goods better during transit by communicating information about temperature and pressure that the item is being preserved in. Hence, IoT can optimize workflow by improving the supply chain transit.

IoT is a game-changing technology that is affecting many different industries. More and more companies and civic bodies are incorporating IoT applications. The world is slowly transforming into a ‘Smart’ world with Smart solutions. IoT has given both businesses and governments many options to improve their work and become more efficient. Plus, for IoT professionals, a bright future shines on the horizon with brand new opportunities coming up in the near ‘Smart’ future. 

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