Guidelines to Authors of Potential Publications 

Submission Requirements

Authors should be clear on what they are going to write about. When submitting an article, you need to stipulate whether it is Factional, an Opinion Piece, Breaking News, or a Research article. We do not publish fiction.

Article Format Requirements

At, we strive to maintain a corporate, yet fun, user experience. To preserve this ideal, there are conditions to our Article Format. These conditions are in line with the industry norm and should, as far as possible, be adhered to. The guidelines to the format of the submissions are listed here in sequential order:

Topic Header

You need to have a captive header that will attract and hold the interest and attention of the audience of

The strength of the Topic Header will determine how many of the audience will read the article. The more readers we attract, the more impressions we will have. More impressions will deliver a consistent audience that will return to for more content. This will create a potential stream of income for you as a freelance author.

Topic Introduction

Your topic intro needs to be strong. The intro is the first small piece below the Header that will captivate the reader. We aim to attract an audience that finds attractive and informative. We need to retain a unique and information-hungry audience.

Body Introduction

This paragraph will be below the topic introduction and should contain small pieces of “bait” content that will persuade the reader to stay on the page and “read”.  The longer the audience stays on your article the more “impressions” we will receive.


The body of the article will be below the body introduction. This part should contain in-depth information, i.e. Methods used for actions or events. This section should ultimately contain the “what happened” facts or opinions. The body content should “hold” the audience. 


This section should contain the results or outcome of what happened or what was mentioned in the body content.


This section should describe the gap that needs to be filled. It should identify these gaps and possible solutions for the issues described in the Results section.


This section is the end of your potential publication. You may add final thoughts, acknowledgements and references (not compulsory) .

Pre- Publication Qualifying and Disqualifying Conditions

If your article includes artwork, pictures, photos, or images, it is important to ensure that all images are in the correct file format (JPG, JPEG, PNG) and resolution and that it is not subject to any copyright. If you are found to have submitted formats with a hallmark or copyright attached, your submission will be summarily denied for publishing.

If and when your article meets all the conditions and criteria, the editors for will scrutinise and verify your content. On approval, your content will be submitted to our database whereafter it will be published.

Depending on the quality of your submission, your post will remain on the main page of for a period of no longer than 7 days. After this period, your article will move regressively to lower spots until it reaches an archive position.

Remuneration will be based on the number of hits or impressions received. More detail about this may be found at

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