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Google testing new dark mode

New dark mode for Google is being tested. As seen by other tech-related changes, this hasn’t gone public yet.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is a new feature for Google’s Chrome browser. It’s designed to make the user’s computer use even less power. Dark Mode hides all the things you aren’t currently using, so it doesn’t really disrupt your online experience, but it will help save electricity. How does it work?. When you click on the ‘Dark Mode’ link in Google’s Chrome browser, your computer will enter Dark Mode.

Dark Mode is now available in Google Chrome Web Store. The Dark Mode feature from Google will finally be available on the Chrome web store as a beta version. This Chrome extension will change the interface of any website displaying it in the dark mode making the content much darker. The colors on these websites will also change to black. The first beta version of the Dark Mode extension has gone live on the Chrome Web Store today. This feature is not available in the stable version of Chrome. The Dark Mode option in Google Chrome is currently available for Mac and Windows.

Who Is It For?

Google has officially confirmed it’s testing of a dark mode which is designed to make the company’s services easier on the eyes during after-hours and low-light environments. This new mode will automatically be activated at 10:30 p.m. and then will turn off automatically after sunrise, which is when Google usually makes its announcements related to updates and changes in its services.

How Does Dark Mode Work?

The dark mode is just one of the many ways that Google is trying to make its apps more manageable during nighttime hours. As an option, the dark mode can be turned on by clicking your settings button in your app drawer. The mode will change your wallpaper to dark colors and make the text easier to read.

In addition to dark mode, Google is also implementing a new system that will allow you to quickly jump from one app to another without having to dig through your app drawer.

Dark mode makes Android apps more efficient, with less energy consumed by the back-lit screens of smartphones and tablets. Since it changes the appearance of all of your apps, you can either wait for them to update or go ahead and start using dark mode now.

How to Turn it Off or On?

Google is testing a new dark mode, but it’s not in the Google Chrome Web Store. You can access it right now by going into Settings and clicking “Experimental Features,” then “Dark Theme,” and then “Turn on Dark Theme.” The dark theme looks darker than the standard theme.

Google is testing a dark mode in some apps such as Gmail and YouTube. The dark mode will be an aesthetic change that is meant to make the apps more friendly for viewing at night or when using your device outside in the sun.

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