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Futuristic car tech 

Well, that is the go-to motto for many car companies out there. Everyone wants to be ahead of the game because we as consumers wish for better and more innovative technology in our cars when purchasing a new vehicle. We all look at the best tech because we all want our vehicles to talk to us or drive themselves in the future. 

CES 2021 (Consumer Technology Association) took place not so long ago, and with this event, people had the chance to see what the motor industry might hold for us soon. Innovation was essential at this event, so that big names in the car industry could put their ideas on display. 

Flying cars  seem to take the lead, with Cadillac’s Air Taxi Concept and Fiat Chrysler’s eVTOLS as prime examples. A giant autonomous mining vehicle from Caterpiller aims to make industry work safer and efficient. There are many  ongoing and interesting conversations when it comes to cool car tech in 2021-2022. By looking at two of the motor industry’s biggest names, we compile a few interesting tech specs. 

Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen:

Mercedes-Benz is always thinking outside the box, and when it comes to their cars, they always make sure only the best and luxurious goes into the build of the vehicle. So it came as no surprise  when they introduced the MBUX Hyperscreen. This hyper screen  amazes  with the easy to use controls and the intelligence behind it. When it comes to the car’s brain, all ideas and the best technology go into the screen’s build. The screen can adapt to its user making personalized suggestions for infotainment, vehicle functions, and comfort. The MBUX Hyperscreen blends seamlessly and aesthetically into the  vehicle in the form of a curved screen band.

BMW iDrive infotainment system

BMW already established a good name for itself with the BMWi range. 

The BMW Next-Gen iDrive Infotainment System went through a complete facelift and will be a more advanced and more colourful edition of its current infotainment platform. It will still feature the classic iDrive knob in the centre console, but the device will get an upgrade to include BMW’s personal voice assistant and gestures. This system update will ensure a more comfortable, convenient, and safer drive.

There will be other motor brands with more extensive and crazier ideas rushing to be ahead of the game, but innovations and thinking outside the box is key. But it needs to attract the buyer and ensure that they get what they pay for because ultimately extras and technology in a vehicle can be pricey. We will watch closely for what the future might hold for the motor industry. From intelligent infotainment systems, clever screens and flying cars; the future of cars is tech.

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