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Eskom warning: “load shedding could be implemented at short notice”

Eskom, the power utility in South Africa, announced of load shedding that could be implemented at short notice should any further breakdowns occur. They are also asking for the public’s assistance in saving electricity to prevent future load shedding. How will this impact businesses and how should we avoid outages?

Signs of a power outage

Eskom has warned South Africans that load shedding could be implemented at short notice. This means that power could be cut to certain areas for a few hours to ensure the power grid is stable. Load shedding is done mainly in order to prevent the complete collapse of the power system. Eskom has urged people to take steps necessary for their own safety during this time, including turning off all appliances that are not being used, unplugging anything that might cause a fire, switching off outdoor lights, and using panic switches for lighting.

Ways to keep the lights on

The Eskom load shedding warning came after the company reached its “critical” level on Tuesday. Eskom uses a system that is designed to balance demand with supply to ensure it doesn’t run out of electricity. When excessive demand occurs, the company has to implement load shedding in order to prevent blackouts across the country. The most effective way to keep the lights on is through conservation or by making use of alternative sources of energy.

Tips for avoiding power outages

Eskom’s warning is a reminder that South Africans need to take steps to avoid power outages. Some ways to do this include using energy-efficient appliances and switching off lights and electronics when not in use. It’s also important to only unplug appliances, such as microwaves, under supervision so that the power isn’t cut off while it’s still running and posing a safety risk.

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