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Discovery Healthcare’s new prepaid system

The healthcare industry is always changing and adapting to new technology, but what will the future hold for the healthcare sector? Discovery Healthcare launched a new prepaid system that allows any person living in South Africa to buy vouchers for health care services through WhatsApp. The pilot program is currently underway, with more than 200 people already using the system.

A new prepaid system which will allow anyone to buy vouchers for healthcare services through WhatsApp

The new system will initially include consultations at Spanish hospitals, but the company plans to expand the system to other European countries in 2018.

How does it work?

Healthcare has recently introduced a new prepaid medical system that allows patients to pay for services before they are performed. This new system is known as Healthcare Marketplace PreExisting Services (HMPPS). The HMPPS allows patients to schedule appointments and procedures, and pay upfront for them. It also reduces wait times because healthcare providers will be paid upfront for their work.

What are the benefits of this method?

Smartphone technology has changed the way we live, and one of the ways this is most apparent is in our healthcare. The Affordable Care Act made it possible for many to qualify for affordable healthcare insurance that covers such basics as visiting a doctor and getting prescriptions. However, not everyone can afford these costs, and those who cannot often find themselves with no health coverage at all. This presents a problem because people without healthcare often face serious medical issues like diabetes or other chronic conditions.

Who is the target audience?

The target audience for the new system is those who have been without insurance or need a way to quickly pay for healthcare.

Healthcare prepaid cards provide convenient and better care for your loved one. They also help with the cost of healthcare because prepaid plans often have low monthly or yearly costs. These cards can be used at doctors, hospitals, rehab centers, pharmacies, urgent cares, and even mental health professionals.

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