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The COVID-19 pandemic brought major changes to the way people live and work. With this said, the shifting dynamic of the role of data scientists in enabling and informing business strategy has never been greater or more important.

A lot of data science and information was gathered and is part of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic with the interpretation of big data integral to understanding the dynamics of the disease and its spread, and likewise, businesses leveraging data to better understand the needs and wants of clients. 

Whilst the jobs in data science will be more secure than many other positions over the next few years, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a data science qualification automatically guarantees you a comfortable and secure career. There is no job in the world that is 100% secure and with the current economic environment, it also makes a job search difficult.

With the second wave of COVID-19 currently happening around the world, industries continue to face critical challenges, and companies of all shapes and sizes will be required to take whatever steps they can to avoid bankruptcy. For a lot of companies, the end goal is to avoid going bankrupt and that can include layoffs and retrenchments.

But nevertheless, data science was a good career choice long before COVID-19, and it will certainly continue to be after the virus has been brought under control.

But with any other job talent is not always the only answer to get that secure job and the same goes for a data scientist. Companies are being forced to take a far more cost-sensitive approach to the way they operate, they will increasingly be looking to get more bang for every buck they spend. Companies will be bringing on only the best skills into the business or drawing from their existing talent pool rather than looking outside it.  

It’s essential for a prospective data scientist to consider more than just a conducive environment when making the choice to pursue a data-focused career path, doesn’t matter if it’s a new job or an existing one.

Where more value can be obtained is by outsourcing data analytics. There’s a strong possibility that businesses will do that in order to lower the cost to company often associated with having to employ large teams of in-house data experts.

So, with all that said the changes brought about by COVID-19 mean that moving or switching to a career in a data science field is expected to provide the individual with various opportunities in the years to come.

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