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Covid is an omicron variant that can cause hospitalisation, eye infections and arthritis in just a few days. However, the new strain of the virus has been described as “extremely mild” by Dr. KwaZulu-Natal’s Dr. Ian Scott who is amazed at the lack of cases he is seeing in his practice with this new variant of the virus.

What Covid is

Covid, a common virus that affects a variety of animals and birds, is a virus that can cause disease in cavies. This version of the virus has been found to be transmitted from wild animals, causing severe illness or even death in many instances. However, this new variant is found to be “extremely mild” according to the company.

What symptoms are linked to the new omicron variant

Covid symptoms linked to the new omicron variant are said to be ‘extremely mild’ and only present in less than 1% of cases.

Symptoms of the new omicron variant

Covid symptoms are “extremely mild” and people infected with the variant may not have any symptoms.

How the South African doctor diagnosed the new strain

The strain, which has more than a 50% chance of killing a person within 72 hours, is not believed to be the most dangerous omicron variant yet.

How many people have been infected with the new strain in South Africa

South Africa has seen an increase in cases of the new Omicron variant that is causing severe pneumonia infections. The most recent outbreak has been reported in Western Cape province, which is home to around 40 percent of the country’s population.

The Omicron variant of Covid has been associated with an outbreak of vertigo-like symptoms. The symptoms are said to be mild and even if you experience dizziness, it is suggested that the problem might not be too serious.

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