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The Unethical Cell C Executives Who Still Received Large Bonuses

In recent times, corruption has been a topic of conversation around the world. In an article from The Daily Maverick, you will find that Cell C was not the only company to experience a scandalous amount of corruption this year. The top three executives at Cell C still received large bonuses for their work in 2017 despite the organization’s alleged failures. This begs the question – what should companies do to make sure they are ethical and respectable?

Why did the top executives at Cell C receive large bonuses while employees received none?

Many Cell C employees are still angered by the March 2018 revelation that the top three executives at Cell C received large bonuses. These employees had put in hard work for years without receiving a cent. The CEO of Cell C, Vodacom Group’s CEO, and managing director of Telkom SA, all received millions in bonuses while some employees were left with nothing.

What has been done about Cell C’s poor management decisions and alleged corruption?

The Cell C executive board came under fire from shareholders and investors as a result of the poor management decision-making made by the company. In response, CEO Dirk Goosen fired himself as well as acting COO Vivian Reddy and CFO Max English. They also announced that outgoing CEO Dexter Mohl will receive a large bonus despite the fact that he is stepping down for personal reasons. Despite these actions, these executives still received their bonuses because their contracts stipulated that they could keep them if they took any leave or resigned.

How do we prevent a similar situation from happening again in the future?

A cell phone company executive in China received an $850,000 bonus after the death of over 6,000 people. The executive is the chairman of a subsidiary of TCL Communications, which was bought by TCL Corporation. This executive did not directly cause the disaster, but he still received a huge amount of money for his work. The sheer greed that these executives had is ridiculous and they should be ashamed to have gotten away with this.

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