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The Apple HomePod mini has been unveiled by Apple with loads of new features, such as improved Siri functionalities and Intercom activity. The HomePod takes up little space, measuring in at only 3.3 inches tall compared to the HomePod’s 6.8-inch size, yet packs a big punch as far as amazing sound quality goes. It will be available in white or space grey and features a spherical design, which will deliver a 360-degree audio experience, with a flat top that has a backlit touch interface to activate Siri and control your music. 

The HomePod mini is equipped with an S5 chip, which is the same chip that was first used in the Apple Watch Series 5. The S5 chip is able to analyze the music that’s playing to optimize for loudness and adjust dynamic range in real time. Incredibly deep bass and crisp high frequencies are promised!

As with the HomePod, Siri can provide a personalized experience by identifying the different voices of up to six members of a household, tailoring music to each person’s preferences and responding to personal requests. A new feature lets HomePod mini users ask for a personal update for a snapshot of their day, with Siri offering up personalized news, weather, traffic, reminders, and calendar appointments.

Bringing an iPhone close to the HomePod mini will allow the music that’s playing on the iPhone to simply be handed off to the HomePod mini. What could be easier than that?

The new HomePod mini will help you to take care of your everyday tasks, control your smart home and send intercom messages to every room.

The use of the intercom integration feature is there to easily communicate with friends and family by sending messages to different HomePods in different locations of the house. Apple HomePod mini will record your message and send it to any of your apple devices such as CarPlay, AirPods, iPhones, iPads and Apple watches. It will play your recordings on your HomePod as you request them. 

Siri functionalities have also been updated. Users will now be able to mute or cancel alarms, stop timers and media across devices. A functionality that’s coming soon is to share search location details on iPhone or CarPlay whenever you ask your HomePod mini to do so. 

The HomePod mini is powered by a non-detachable power cable that has a USB-C connector at the end so it can potentially be powered by a battery pack, MacBook, or other accessory.

Siri is a key part of the HomePod mini, with most music playback controlled through Siri commands. Siri is designed to work as a home assistant, similar to Alexa or Google Assistant. Siri can answer a myriad of questions about a wide range of topics and can send messages, make phone calls, set timers, offer weather updates, make calendar appointments, create shopping lists, and more.

Aaaah, the future looks bright…. And convenient…. Doesn’t it?!

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